Step 2: Water mitigation preventing further damage to property and belongings.



  1. Comprehensive Jobsite preparation
  2. Perform permanent or Temporary
  3. repair if needed to Control the source
  4. Begin water extraction
  5. Place equipment⬇️ to Begin the Drying process.
  6. Pack out and moving of private property if needed
  7. Removal of materials that are permanent damage, would obstruct the Drying process potentially creating bacterial growth or mold.
  8. Debris removal
  9. Vacuum & sweeping
  10. Monitoring. /Final reading
  11. Equipment/pickup ⬆️
  1. Apply plant base Antibacterial to affected areas to prevent bacterial growth
  2. HIPAA Vacuum.
  3. Heavy surface cleaning.
  4. Surface Encapsulation.
  5. Final Damage assessment Matterport scan.
  6. Mitigation certificate of Completion Sign-off.

Note: The average Mitigation process Turnaround Is 72 hours (about 3 days) for small projects, but it all depends on the extend of the damage and taking in consideration that no external conditions such as Pending decisions,Weather,Materials,additional Work, or other contractors are delayed obstructing the process.