Step #3 Rebuild to Pre-loss Conditions

Restoration Contractor Assessment

  1. We prepare a Restoration Contractor Assessment using all information gather throughout the mitigation process. Floorplan drawings, Moisture readings, Infrared Imaging, detail Photos, Mitigation Scope of Work, and Matter-port scans. To write a Rebuild Scope of Work.

  2. We write The Rebuild Xactimate to initiate a new Estimator to respond to an adjuster’s estimate that is too low or missing necessary items to get your property back to pre-loss conditions

  3. We submit the Rebuild estimate to Homeowner for Approval or make the first Revision if necessary.

  4. The estimate is submitted directly to the insurance carrier for approval.

• If necessary, write and send first supplement.

 • Comprehensive jobsite preparation

• Extra demolition if necessary

• Order stage specific related materials

• Delivery of drywall and other materials.


Note: A deposit payment for 25% of Rebuild Estimate must be collected at signing to schedule Production

• Framing if necessary

• Drywall installation & finish

• Walls Insulation

• Choosing colors and finish materials

• Texture & surface Finishing

• Ordering colors and finish materials


Note: A Second deposit payment of 25% of current estimate for a total of 50% must be collected at Commencement Day

 • Prime and paint

• Carpentry /molding

• If necessary, write and Send supplement

• Kitchen & cabinets

•Electrical / Accessories Installations

• Carpets, Laminate & Tiles

• Baseboard /Crow molding

• Semifinal walk-through


Note: A Third Deposit payment of 25% for a total of 75% of the current estimate must be collected at Commencement Day.

• Corrections of Semifinal Walk-through findings

• Final walk-through.

•Certificate of Completion Sign-off 


Note: A final payment of remaining balance must be collected at Commencement Day