Homeowner’s Guide to Property Restoration

How to hire us:

1) Option A: Direct Insurance Billing through Emergency Service.

2) Option B: Restoration Contractor Assessment and Estimate.

  • Initial Matter-port scan for 360° room views. (Complete Property Sketch is Recommended In most cases.)
  • Moisture Readings
  • Infrared Imaging
  • Detail photos report of any possible affected areas.
  • Preliminary Damage Mapping Of walls trims & other affected Materials.
  • Xactimate sketch Floorplan.
  • Request Mold-assessment if necessary. 
  • Xactimate Mitigation or Rebuild Scope of Work and estimate.
  • Consultation to Approve or make first Revision if necessary.
  • Submit estimate to insurance carrier for approval.

Due to the high volume of work, we are currently not able to offer free Estimates. We required a non-refundable deposit of $0.50 per square foot. or (Minimum of $750. To Complete Interior Damage inspection and a Preliminary interior damage assessment to Produce Mitigation or Rebuild Estimate Report.  This Deposit is to be deducted at the end of the project from the cost of our Restorations services. In the case that the Homeowner decides not to hire W1 Service, the deposit will be applied to the cost of the initial inspection and creating the Restoration Contractor Assessment & Estimate.